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Handcarved marble Gazebo made in White Taj Mahal Makrana marble is a true masterpiece once installed in your garden giving you a feeling of royalness and at the same time making you feel relaxed and calm when you sit in the center of the gazebo surrounded by the magnificent and intricate marble columns and hand-carved designs.

This beautiful white marble Gazebo is made in White Makrana marble. The complete Gazebo comprised of 8 marble columns, with 8 marble beams, and a circular marble dining table, with three benches, and the flooring was laid of Albeta marble.

The pictured Gazebo was made for a royal family H.H. Sheikh Haitham Bin Qasr Al Qassimi in Kalba, Sharjah. UAE

what is Gazebo?

Gazebos are freestanding or attached to a garden wall, roofed, and open on all sides. They provide shade, shelter, ornamental features in a landscape, and a place to rest. Some gazebos in public parks are large enough to serve as bandstands or rain shelters.

Gazebos have been fixtures in gardens, parks, and other outdoor spaces for centuries. With a unique roofed structure that offers an open view of the surrounding area, gazebos are commonly used for entertainment and relaxation.

Gazebos were originally referred to as summerhouses, kiosks, or screen houses, leading back to some of the earliest gardens in history.

These free-standing structures are designed to provide shade and some shelter from the elements. The basic design of a gazebo consists of a roof and pillars to support it. In some instances, decorative lattice or carvings can be found between the pillars.

A majority of gazebos are octagonal, with insides that may or may not include benches. The open sides allow occupants to enjoy a pleasant breeze and the natural environment that surrounds the structure. Personal and public gazebos can be found in backyards, gardens, and parks all over the world.

The best material to make gazebos is MARBLE. Marble is a very posh and elegant natural mineral found under the surface of the earth. Marble varies in its qualities but the best and purest form of marble is the MAKRANA MARBLE. The gazebo is an excellent ornament in the field of landscape. It has been an ancient form of significance.

History of Gazebo

People have been building gazebos for thousands of years. The earliest recordings of historic gazebos date back more than 5,000 years to ancient Egypt. The Egyptians used gazebos in their gardens to allow vines to crawl up the structures.

Egyptians believed that when they died, their gardens and gazebos would follow them on their journey to heaven. More recently, in Iran, the Persians once used gazebos to conduct business. The Greeks used gazebos in public areas instead of having their own private gardens.

These gazebos were generally built around temples and constructed of marble. The Romans, however, used gazebos as private sanctuaries where they could escape and relax.

During the Middle Ages, gazebos were popular throughout Europe. But it wasn’t until the 18th century that gazebos became well-known in the United States. Modern gazebos are available in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and designs.

Designed for natural areas such as parks or gardens or for urban public spaces such as viewing points or town squares, gazebos are a versatile addition to nearly any area.

Characteristics include plain or decorative elements, different heights, and a plain pitch roof, double pitch roof, or roof with skylight. While most gazebos are octagonal, some can be found that are square.

Uses of Gazebo

Marble gazebos are a place to sit and read, gather together and talk, or host an event. Decorative gazebos offer an elegant and attractive place for couples to say “I do.” Many people use gazebos in their outdoor wedding ceremonies, sometimes covered with beautiful flowers and vines.

Marble gazebos are also an excellent place for family and friends to gather and dine outside. Large gazebos provide plenty of space for a picnic or dining table. Gazebos are also a place to entertain. Whether it’s a quiet night outside watching the sunset

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