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Makrana Pink.

Makrana Pink is another variety of marble from Makrana marble, and it resonates with Rosa Portagallo marble from Italy. It comes in two varieties Plain Pink and Makrana Pink. 

Makrana Pink is pure marble having 98% calcium and 2% other properties, whereas Satvario marble from Italy has 90% iron and around 2% calcium. The benefits of calcium composition are that it stays cooler, does not change its color even when it is underwater as Makrana marble is already quarried from below the ground.

Makrana Pink slabs are recognized by its Pink base and having grey and brown veins on its surface..

Plain Pink just has a light pink shade or a dark pink shade with small block patches on it.

Makrana Pink marble can be used to make beautiful fireplaces, fountains, gazebo, and also for wall cladding and is exclusively also used for book matching designs on the flooring.

Makrana Pink Slabs

Price Range : 75 to 200 Rs sqft.

Sizes Available: Width from 2.5 feet to 5 feet

                           Heigth from 4 feet to 6 feet


  1. Natural stone
  2. No chemical processing
  3. Natural Colour
  4. Bound for colour variation
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