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Marble Dining Table.

Hand-carved marble dining table made from White Taj Mahal Makrana marble. The marble dining table has been carved from solid white makrana blocks and inlaid with semi-precious stones.

This is not just a ordinary Dining Table but a masterpiece of art to be cherished in your dining room. Takes around 3 months to manufacture just one such piece from master craftsmen. From carving to inlaying of semi-precious stones to the glossy polish of the table is all done by hand.

The marble quality is the best in the world as it is the taj Mahal white Makrana marble which was used in making the taj Mahal, which is now 400 years old and still looks stunning even after so many years being right out In the scorching heat, and bearing the heavy rainfalls and also the humid climate which the city of Agra faces in the full year.

Marble Dining table

Hand carved marble dining table made from solid Makrana white marble.

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6 Seater Marble Dining Table

6 seater marble dining table in solid Makrana white marble inlayed with semi precious stones.

Outdoor Dining Table

Outdoor dining table marble made in solid Makrana white marble inlayed with semi precious stones. This outdoor dining table made from Taj Mahal white makrana marble with inlay art is one of the rare landscape products available in the market as of now.

This beautiful landscape dining is ideally suited for outdoors as rain, moisture, or the heat would have no effect on this white makrana marble and it has zero maintenance.

Using this marble and sandstone many other outdoor tables and benches can be manufactured which are ideally suited for outdoors.

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